"GardenWall" is the tribute band of "Genesis", we have a gig almost in aroud Tokyo area about one a year.
The naming as "Garden Wall" is the original band name of "Genesis" before their debuit.
We played since 1980's for about twenty years, started as "Garden Wall" in 1987.
(See "Archives" page for details.)
If you have a interest for us, see "Live Information" and please come to our gig.
(... or contact me)

We hope to see you sincerey.
Hisaaki Nishida
Atsushi Matsuda
Kazuhisa Betsui
Akitoshi Kawai
Jun Yamazaki
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- Live Information 'GENESIS KNIGHT IV' now available! Check the ticket information out!
- 'GENESIS KNIGHT III' Live at Mosaic Archive updated!!
- Live Information 'GENESIS KNIGHT III' is updated! Check the ticket information out!
- Next gig on April!
- Live video clips and photos1989 live @ Loft (Shimokitazawa)
- Photo report from Manchester! Amazing screen on the back of stage!
Live Report! Genesis 'Turn it on again Tour'/a>
Live video clips and photos1988 live @ Loft (Shimokitazawa)
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