P2 protocol Command Table
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Command Table-1 :
System command, Transport command
Command (Controller to Device) Return (Device to Controller)
Cmnd code Discription Cmnd code Discription
00.0C Local disable 10.01 Ack
00.11 Device type request 12.11 Device type return
00.1D Local enable 10.01
20.00 Stop
20.01 Play
20.02 Record
20.04 Standby Off
20.05 Standby On
20.0D DMC Start
20.0F Eject
20.10 Fast Forward
2x.11 Jog Forward
2x.12 Vari Forward
2x.13 Shuttle Forward
20.20 Rewind
2x.21 Jog Reverse
2x.22 Vari Reverse
2x.23 Shuttle Reverse
20.30 Preroll
24.31 Cue up with data
24.34 Sync Play
21.38 Program Play +
21.39 Program Play -
20.3C DMC Preroll
20.40 Preview
20.41 Review
20.42 Auto Edit
20.4B DMC Run
20.4C DMC Preview
20.52 Tension Release
20.54 Anti-Clog timer disable
20.55 Anti-Clog timer enable
2x.5C DMC set forward
2x.5D DMC set Reverse
20.60 Full EE off
20.61 Full EE on
20.63 Selected EE on
20.64 Edit off
20.65 Edit on
20.6A Freeze off
20.6B Freeze on