P2 protocol Command Table
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Command Table-2 :
Preset/Select command
Command (Controller to Device) Return (Device to Controller)
Cmnd code Discription Cmnd code Discription
44.00 Timer-1 Preset 10.01
44.04 Time code Preset
44.05 User's bit Preset
45.05 User's bit with Plag Preset
40.08 Timer-1 Reset
40.10 In Entry
40.11 Out Entry
40.12 A In Entry
40.13 A Out Entry
44.14 In Preset
44.15 Out Preset
44.16 A In Preset
44.17 A Out Preset
40.18 In Shift +
40.19 In Shift -
40.1A Out Shift +
40.1B Out Shift -
40.1C A In Shift +
40.1D A In Shift -
40.1E A Out Shift +
40.1F A Out Shift -
40.20 In Reset
40.21 Out Reset
40.22 A In Reset
40.23 A Out Reset
40.24 In Recall
40.25 Out Recall
40.26 A In Recall
40.27 A Out Recall
40.2D Lost Lock Reset
4x.30 Edit Preset
44.31 Preroll Time Preset
41.32 Tape auto Select
41.33 Servo Reference Select
41.34 Head Select
41.35 Color Frame Select
41.36 Timer Mode Select
41.37 Input Check
41.38 PB Field/Frame Select
41.3A Edit Field Select
41.3B Freeze Mode Select
41.3C Post Roll Time
41.3D Pre Read Mode Select
4x.3E Rec Inhibit Preset
4x.3F Feed Play Mode Preset
40.40 Auto Mode Off
40.41 Auto Mode On
40.44 Audio Split Off
40.45 Audio Split On
40.46 Variable Memory Off
40.47 Variable Memory On
40.48 Video Reference Disable Off
40.49 Video Reference Disable On
42.50 DA Input Select
42.51 DA Sys Emphasis Preset
4x.54 Extended DA Input Select
41.60 VITC Bypass
42.61 LTC Generator Mode Select
41.63 Record LTC Select
42.70 Video Input Select
4x.91 Output Video Level
4x.92 Output Setup Level
4x.93 Output Chroma Level
47.95 Extended Output Video Control
4x.98 Output H Phase
4x.99 Output SC Phase
4x.9A Output Video HUE
44.9C Output System Phase
41.9E Super Impose
42.9F Video Control Data Set
4x.A0 Audio Input Level
4x.A1 Audio Output Level
45.A3 Extended Audio Input Level
45.A4 Extended Audio Output Level
4x.A8 Audio Output Phase
4x.AA Cross Fade Time Preset
4x.AE Audio Monitor Channel Select
4x.AF Audio Control Data Set
4x.B8 Local Key Map Control
42.F8 Still Off Time
42.FA Standby Off Time